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Lost the Rest Time!

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Hi! I am sorry! I really should post this on my last forum, but it's really urgent. When I was on last night, I realized a problem. I played this game almost everyday before and after the reset time. I usually have another site opened while play, so I can tell how much time I had before work, before the event time, and the time the whole game resets. Ever since the time change, I cannot find the reset time. I tried going an hour forward (old time), and it was wrong. I went an hour back (my time now), and it was also wrong. I don't know what's going on. I am confused now because I don't know what time to follow. I also noticed on the calendar, it told me I missed a day regardless that I played everyday. May someone please shed some light about mapletime? I am very confused.

Edit 2:
Also do elite mob kills reset on the map by time? I am at lesson 10 and I am having no luck spawning an actual elite boss.


  • AKradianAKradian
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    You moved your clock back, so reset is now an hour earlier than it used to be.
    If it was 5PM before, it's 4PM now.

    You can use Google to find out when "midnight UTC" is in your timezone.
    Or you can go to any "airport" in-game and look at the big clock display, to know current game time.
  • LoyalHeartTigerLoyalHeartTiger
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    I see, my reset was around 8pm I thought. I'll check on it again at 7pm to see.

    I tried to depend on the plane time, but if I get kicked out of the game or it crashed for any reason.... the time will not show when I returned. And I've been getting crashed a lot for little to no reason especially I played a lot of timed area maps.
  • MiraMira
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    It sounds like you are EST, which means the game resets at 7pm now.