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What Classes are good for Questing, Bossing, ?

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I havent picked out a class for this tera Burning project yet, and i did play alittle of all classes so far. but I need help on which class is good still for Bossing, that delievers that, on a good note. and questing? and does well once in 5th Job. I havent had a class in 5th Job so i dont know further then 4th. Thanks for any advise and help. please give me some help thanks again you all.


  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Most 5th jobs compliment the gameplay style of 4th job, so you normally won't see too much change when you bump up to 5th.
    You only get 2 (Soon to be 3) unique to your class skills. (Although they are extremely powerful.)
    My advice would be to pick one that you enjoy and thought was good.

    There are a few guides on youtube that cover 5th jobs.
    Pick a class and start looking up skills.

    This guy's videos can sometimes be long, but he covers all the current 5th job skills.
    I'd suggest you start with classes you already know you like and fit your criteria.
  • Traveler5577Traveler5577
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    well i am hoping for a good class that does well in bossing. so >><
  • DeadlingDeadling
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    So far my i/l has been doing well at boss fights, solo. Chain lightning hits a ton of targets for example in horntail. The map is cleared of the wyverns in seconds. And same for zakum and all those arms, lol. But I'm only 192 right now. And still working to raise my dps. My range right now is 198k-220k something like that.

    Edit: those are for both normal zak and ht. And for questing, I mob well. So things just die in high numbers. I only suggest an auto pot pet.