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Jett and it's future?

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So I have been investing a lot of my time into this class becuase I feel like it has a lot of potential if things get fixed.

To first start off, I gotta give nexon the credit for doing the mini rework to jett's link skill, now it make is WAY more relaible and makes people want to invest time into it, so props to you nexnon.

Now, the one thing that concerns me for the future of jett, is that 60 % of Jetts base kit (excluding 5th job) does not get to scale like every other class in this game, and it actually sets jett REALLY far behind, and ofcourse, I'm talking about Strikeforce Showdown (example of it with boost nodes and without [look at max dmg / min dmg per line, pretty much the 2 bottom rows] pic: https://gyazo.com/f29d1c4df596d4ed13e0e32ae504679d ).

Since nexon said you will start fixing jett bugs, I decided that this was the perfect time to bring this issue up since this is a HUGE bug / missing feature for jetts.

There are 2 main ways to fix this. 1, do what corsair's have and let jetts use a boost node to level up Strikeforce Showdown, or 2, do what classes like Ark or Cadena have, where multiple skills get effected by the same boost node, making it easy on current jett mains so they don't have to redo their whole V-Matrix loadout (By that I mean, make Starforce Salvo and Strikeforce Showdown scale of the same node).

I would really love to get some feedback from the nexon staff so I don't just get my hopes up.


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    Just my 2 cents but the things I'd add to this thread:

    Give back Jett's real 4th job remaining SP. Jett has something like 20 or less SP remaining after reaching level 140 and all current skills maxed and thats because some skills have lower max levels than they should. Instead of raising the max skill levels of invincibility (has an odd number of Damage % buff and would be 15% instead of 11% if it were level 30), and giga blaster, the skills I believe should be the ones with a 30 Max skill level, they decided to just remove them on pre-created Jetts. It wouldn't hurt to give Jett like 5% more damage and a bit more HP/MP% and crit damage would it?

    Also allow all of Jett's 4th job skills to benefit from Combat orders and the +1 all passive skills abilities.

    Seeing as Starfall has it's cooldown removed and Zen's version probably hasn't as Zen isn't in GMS and only GMS responded to this ridiculous skill change to get it reverted, Starfall is as useless as it's ever been and many jett mains would like to see it reworked properly with Jett's other skills. Many people have suggested to reduce the cooldown to 30 like the other explorer pirates' reskin of Starfall. I personally would like a passive buff that was given to Nautilus Strike when it were on cooldown, but for Jett, it would raise the chance of Strikeforce Showdown activating to 2x as often (depending on skill level and hopefully Nexon allows it to go beyond level 10 with combat orders). Don't forget to give it an enhancement node because it's damage does not scale up post 5th job and is left behind.

    Ditch Jett's High HP = More Tanky aspect. Since V, being a high HP class that relies on DEF alone is no longer viable. KMS saw this with Corsair who had only HP% as means of survival and gave them flat HP passives to their 150 Hyper, which Jett doesnt have, and a lot of -Damage reduction passives which made Corsair half decent at taking damage while being the high maintenance DPS class that they are. I would recommend giving Jett a dodge chance for attacks instead of -Damage Reduction passives to not make it obvious that it's trying to be more like Corsair, but I'd favor -% damage reduction because it's 100% chance to work where as dodge is a chance to not take any damage at all but you can still get hit hard if you do get hit.
    If Jett gets the dodge ability, they should have at least 40% dodge. If they receive -% damage reduction it should be at least 30% damage reduction on top of the -15% damage reduction they gain from their level 150 hyper.

    As mentioned, strikeforce showdown should have a node as it can't possibly compete against Corsair's Majestic Presence which doubles corsair's damage done by Rapid Fire has it's own node which means their bossing skill(s) combined gain 200% final damage where Starforce Salvo's enhancement node only gives 150% final damage while Strikeforce showdown has no node at all currently and doesn't scale at 5th job. I'd imagine that Strikeforce Showdown's damage and proc-rate alone would only equal the DPS that Majestic Presence does when it's boosted by Nautilus Strike's cooldown ability. If implemented you can reduce Starforce Salvo Enhancement Node's final damage given to 100% as it would even out to being the same gain as Corsair's Rapid Fire and Majestic Presence nodes and only relies on Strikeforce Showdown's RNG.

    This company can't say it's listening to it's players if it completely ignores the midsize group protesting Jett's lack of attention from it's own creators.