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Unknown Quest in Star Icon

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edited December 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug Type: Quest
Description: I noticed in the star icon a quest that is labeled as [????]. I decided to click on it and it was a quest by NPC Lady Blair to give the hair Snowlit & Foggy Snowlit hair a color change to a black color. However, when I clicked "Accept" it gave me an unknown text listed in the photos. I tried again and decided to free up two hair slots in the beauty salon, but it still resulted in the same unknown text.
More Detail:
After I clicked Accept it resulted in the message below.
When I Clicked Decline, there was no unknown text and NPC Lady Blair said: " I'd like to be alone."

Character Name: Revivals
Character Level: 222
Character job: Wild Hunter
World Name: Bera
Date and time of the incident: 12/9/18 4:12 pm PST


  • ixmimihoang3ixmimihoang3
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    edited January 2019
    Update: Quest works however I received the wrong item. I do not see the item appearing on my character nor on beauty salon where I reserved two slots for it.
    Character: Revivals
    Level: 223
    Character Job: Wild Hunter
    World: Bera
    Time:1/25/2019 6:43pm PST
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited January 2019
    I don't know how or why this quest keeps showing up at random for random people, it is an event quest, but it's one that gives stupidly pay-to-win nx covers or something, so it was elected to not run it.
  • OkhuraOkhura
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    edited January 2019
    Thanks, it's been forwarded.
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    edited January 2019
    Hi ixmimihoang3,

    Just letting you know that the issue where the Master Label Set quests are incorrectly appearing is being looked into.

    Thanks for the report!