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Claiming of Reboot Tenebris Rings

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PLEASE allow people to claim a later stage of the Tenebris Expedition Ring without an earlier stage. I claimed my first ring on a mule instead of my main, and when I tried to claim the second one on another character, I was only told THEN That you can only claim later rings with the ring of the previous stage ring. Allow me to emphasize this: There was NO WARNING WHATSOEVER upon claiming the first ring that this would be the case. Not in the event page, and not in the initial gift box. I did send in a ticket about this issue, but they were not able to just move the first ring onto my desired character. PLEASE change the way this works, or at least make an exception on this rule of transferring equipment on Reboot through tickets, as I'm not the only person that this has happened to, and this is in no way our fault.


  • BradLeeTeeBradLeeTee
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    +1 only difference is I had been saving my box for my beast tamer but it expired before it was released so now I'm also screwed out of the ring too :l