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Suggestion on v.201 (KMS 1.2.302) on Kinesis

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It was a good idea to bring KMS 1.2.302 as v.201
because that was before Kinesis perfect buff and then unnecessary nerf right after it.

I believe KMST ver. 1.2.070 and how this skill works at this point was the best way for Kinesis and maybe bug fixes if necessary. (such as 'unaffected by enemy damage reflection skills', etc.)

In KMST ver. 1.2.070,
damage has been adjusted, Level 25: Consumes 3 Psychic Points. The bullet deals 800% → 1500% damage 6 times on up to 8 enemies, as well as the enemy being held. Micro Black Hole: The black hole deals 200% → 600% damage 4 → 3 times on up to 8 enemies, activating 5 times. When this skill hits an enemy, charge 1 Psychic Point.

this will fundamentally fix (previously mentioned) Kinesis' contradictory skill system and give a choice for not only end game players with end game item sets but also new players who just became 200 with limited option of choosing their 5th skill to advance.

of course this skill in KMST ver. 1.2.070 looks very promising, out of all the new 5th skills that have been introduced so far, which actually worth calling a "5th Job Skill". This skill has all the feature that can possibly make this a new main skill for Kinesis: high damage percentage, decent boss damage, broad range, fewer Psychic Point cost, shorter skill delay, and with no skill. However, all this does not mean Kinesis is superior class in training.

To be honest, wouldn't it be logical if a class requires high level of difficulty to play, shouldn't their dps at the top of the list, at least theoretically? For example Blaster and Cadena are arguably two of the most difficult class to use. Therefore, in definite experimental condition, Blaster and Cadena deals relatively higher damage than other classes in the same amount of time. If Blaster and Cadena are difficult in "finger" manner, Kinesis is one of the class that kills players with "headache". There are so many things you have to manage during a boss fight:
For example, for other jobs, imagine you are unable to use Elixirs AND you have to charge your MP with your own skill, BUT your main damage skill with no cooldown costs you one sixth of your max MP.
1. (Psychic Force) Apply Damage increase debuff every 10sec with cooldown of 1 sec
2. (Psychic Drain) Install fixed zone for recovering Psychic Points every 10 sec with cooldown of 5 sec (if the boss has mobility, this is useless)
3. (Mind Tremor) Install fixed zone debuff for damage increase and defense reduction depends on the number of monster in the zone every 20 second with cooldown of 20 sec
4. (Ultimate - Psychic Shot) damage reduction every 10 Sec, costs ONE SIXTH of your Psychic Point (not sure if this is a bug or intended, but Mind Tremor and Psychic Shot's debuffs don't stack)
5. (Mind Break) final damage increase buff every 30sec with cooldown of 30 sec
(Personlly, I want Mind break and other debuffs to be passive skills if possible)
6. (Ultimate - B.P.M) Have to stay close to get int the range of B.P.M (rapid firing skill)
MINDING ALL PATTERN OF THE BOSS (with a truple jump that has very short x-axis distance)
All this with only maximum of 30 Psychic Points.

also with penalty of almost unable to use "Mana Overload" in higher bosses (because of Psychic Point which is not even better than MP) must cost 1% of HP every time when skill is used.

with numerous bugs and ping dependent skills.
and Kinesis ONE LESS 5th magician skill "Unstable Memorize"
with all this penalties, there should be at least some good benefit that can offset those.

Ultimately, Ultimate - Psychic Shockwave (no pun intended) with this adjust:
Level 25: Consumes 3 Psychic Points. The bullet deals 800% → 1500% damage 6 times on up to 8 enemies, as well as the enemy being held. Micro Black Hole: The black hole deals 200% → 600% damage 4 → 3 times on up to 8 enemies, activating 5 times. When this skill hits an enemy, charge 1 Psychic Point..
is not too much after all for what Kinesis had so far.

without this buff, this skill won't even be an option for Kinesis but will be an abandon skill and a by-product of failure of fundamentally understanding a class .

Please let Kinesis and Zero have friends.
Let them share cash inventory with explorer class or at least explorer magicians
Look at Demon class and Xenon. They are included in Registance.

+++ Why Demon Slayer and Zero has an option to increase their TF and DF in hyper stat and Kinesis doesn't?

Adjustment suggestion for Kinesis

-For Psychic ShockWave:
* Create Micro Blackhole where monster is hit (boss monster prioritize)
Using this skill in boss forces player to give up on skill of (Psychic Shot and B.P.M) because of it's broad range. Furthermore micro black hole is hard to hit if the enemy
has high mobility (which are for the most of the bosses in Maplestory).
Prioritize enemy with highest total (or remaining) HP
* Max enemies hit 8->12 for initial hit (This skill has small max enemies hit number compare to its range. )

-In General
* Passivize debuff skills and installation-type debuff skills
* Delete or Reduce cooldown on B.P.M and let it cost 1 Psychic Point for B.P.M only when enemy is hit, not every second
* Make Psychic Tornado unable to throw for the first few seconds. Accidentally throwing before the skill even fully forming happens several time and it is totally useless ability, wasting your Psychic Point.
* Psychic Point increase option in Hyper Stat like Demon Slayer and Zero.
* fix bugs where skill doesn't work correctly or doesn't do anything at all.

-Overall buff/fix for class system (High-Risk, Low-Return -> High-Risk, High-Return)
*Even though for all game, if a character/class has high risk it is common sense to return high as well. so those applying some of the adjustment above will give developer a choice to make Kinesis' lower with right return or keep it high with passivizing only few skills such as Mind Break so it will be proper high return with high risk.

Hoping this skill will be a new main skill better at bossing than psychic shot, fixing fundamental problem of Kinesis with P.P charge


  • goodcowgoodcow
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    edited December 2018
    Yassss Kine lives matter and all lives matter
    Just because some classes are minority doesn't mean they need to suffer
    look out and reach for the all other minorities too please

  • SionneSionne
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    edited December 2018
    Wow just in from KMS, another useless change to Kinesis...
    they increase triple jump's x-axis distance to about previous mercedes' double jump which is good and then decreased y-axis? This makes the whole thing useless...
    Are they trying to make another Night Lord or what? Kinesis is not going to move here and there and throw Psychic Shockwave like NL. And still nerfing Psychic Shockwave.

    Psychic Shockwave was only skill that was actually helpful when Damien is up sprinkling some meatball and now they've nerfed the height of the jump it won't be able to hit him anymore. That just destroyed the last remaining purpose of this skill.

    ...Why they are doing this to Kine? Kine was never one of the strongest class.. rather neglected one...
    *lies in casket*

    + This patch brought back the bug where monster grabbed won't die when using Psychic Shockwave in KMS
  • JennnnnnnnnnJennnnnnnnnn
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    Ya Nexon pls make Kinesis great again. Until then, payce, maplestory D:
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