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Verus Hilla & Necro Pets Not Responding

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edited December 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Cash item, functionality

Brief bug summary: The new pet set released: Verus Hilla, Necro Damien, and Necro Lotus do not respond to any basic pet commands.

More details:

The Verus Hilla & Croonies pet set only respond to "chat", "talk", "say" commands and even past lvl. 10 they are unresponsive to any other command and do not change their responses like other pets who reach lvl. 10-13+. It is all one word answers: "No.", "Hmph.", "Yuck.", "Delicious!" for all levels. Unless it is intentional they only respond to those three commands, in which, I'd like confirmation if it's this limited.

In the description it also says they come with an auto-buff, which they do not.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Purchase any of the new pets: Verus Hilla, Necro Damien, Necro Lotus
2. Tell them any of these basic commands: sit, no, bad, iloveyou, poop, sleep, zzz
3. The pets do not respond to the basic pet commands

Character name: Capacchi

Character level: 241

Character job: Demon Avenger

World name: Reboot

Date and time of the incident: Dec. 26, 2018 @ 2:03 AM