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Jett's Allied Fury Ignoring Mastery

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edited December 2018 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill

Brief bug summary: When using the skill, damage variance is much too high for a character with 70% Mastery.

More details: With a range of 1.8-2m, using the skill I get hits as high as 10.6m and hits as low as 2.4m or 1.6m. The variance may be due to the skill ignoring mastery. (or may just be a visual bug?). I know this skill has many other things wrong with it such as the first part not registering at all, or the Dc's, but since its being looked at right now may as well confirm that this is working too. It happens for both parts of allied fury, but is much more noticeable on the first part.



Further confirming my suspicions of this bug is the distinct lack of high variance when using other skills (second photo, the 20m line is rapid fire) where strike force showdown has a variance of ~2m at most.

(anything not included in the other sections of your report)

Steps to reproduce: Use the skill, its damage varies wildly.

(if not covered in the summary)

Character name: elbron

Character level: 211

Character job: Jett

World name: Reboot(NA)

Date and time of the incident: Dec 30, 2018 7:30pm


  • BelloPallyBelloPally
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    So far we've found that Allied Fury crashes the game, does not deal damage properly, and ignores mastery. Just what part of this skill is actually functional?