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[NX Weapons] No Animation on Angelic Buster

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edited February 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Cash item, functionality, graphics
Character job: Angelic Buster

In the standing/idle position most NX weapons do not animate properly on Angelic Buster, unlike on other jobs.

I've tested NX items: Chocolate Dipped Stick, Master of Hearts, Sakura Sword, Starlight Heart Scepter, Dreaming Dandelion, Rainbow Sparkle, Plum Blossom, Golden Eventides, Cluck Cluck Bean, Stylish Iron, Charming Cherry Pop, Black Cat Plush, and Pom-pom Power. All remain frozen on their first animation frame.

However, items such as: Lotus's Lovey Doll, Here's The Flashlight!, Sunny Day Rainbow, Rabbit Soap Shooter, and Your Good Side animate properly while in the standing/idle position.

How it looks:

How it's supposed to look: