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Hayato Cobalt Filigree Weapon Visual Bug

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edited March 2019 in Bug Reporting

The weapon in the Cobalt Filigree package does not emit any particle or glow effects if it is equipped on a Hayato however it works properly on other characters (tested on Evan and Mercedes).

Here is a side by side comparison of how the weapon looks on Hayato and how it should properly look:
a5008959f7.jpg 8782fe76db.jpg
The top image is Hayato with the glitched particles and image below is Evan with the proper particle effect.

There are no effects emitted at all even when walking either as Hayato. There should be a sort of haze that follows the player's path when walking.

EDIT: This visual bug applies to Kanna as well.


  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    edited March 2019
    Hi MapleShinnie,

    Just letting you know the Visual Effect for the Cobalt Filigree Weapon not displaying on Hayato is being looked into.

    Thanks for the report!