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game request to bring back crazy arcade bnb

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hello please back poptag(known as crazy arcade to north america i want this game to come back to america [img][/img]
i played the korean version and its much more fun! maybe if it will come back to the america it will be much fun! devs, you can do it!!


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Friend, as I said in your other thread, no one on this forum, no one who even reads this forum, can affect this change you desire. I understand you enjoyed this game, and you want to see it come back, but posting about it here isn't going to do as much as you think it might.

    I don't know who the "devs" you refer to are, but I know for a fact that, even if a maplestory developer does read the forums, they have never made their presence known, and understandably never will. On top of that, not only do developers not have much sway in what games are or aren't available, but a maplestory developer would have even less sway.
  • littledrummlittledrumm
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  • enormousbeargaming10enormousbeargaming10
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    ok thanks for your response