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World-Merge in overseas MapleStory's services

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Recently it seems that there are major changes in some overseas MapleStory's services.
These changes are including world-merge processes to merge and combine multiple worlds into one unified world for all.

Here are some examples of overseas MapleStory's services which went/will be going through this progress:

MapleStory Thailand
Scania, Bera and Luna (SBL) worlds have been merged into unified world called Siam recently in January.
Number of channels have been increased to 40.
The full details can be found here:

MapleStory SEA
Delphinus, Eridanus, Izar, Fornax, Gemini, Hercules and Jynarvis (D2J) worlds will be merged into unified world called Draco in the upcoming April.
They named this process as "Unison of 7 Stars".
The full details can be found here:
Due to this major change, there are going to be couple of events to assist players to be prepared due to the upcoming change: World Leap and Lady Blair's Dream Express (cash inventory transfer) events.
The full details about these events can be found here:
As of 04/04/2019 I found that the number of channels for the new unified world Draco have been increased to 35.


  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    This is the kind of stuff we need. Hopefully we are getting it soon since these 2 are also getting it. The way they are going through it is kinda the same as many have said it should be handled. World Leap, Cash Transfer, increased character limit, sending emails to people who are affected by it. I can only hope that if such event comes here that they merge what needs to be merged (imo being GRAZED, MYBCKN, Broa-Khaini and Windia).
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    Just merge everything that is not Bera or Reboot into Scania and kapish. 2 regular worlds and Reboot is definitely enough for this game. dozens of dying worlds won't help anyone
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    thousands of suggestions , few years waiting.... GMS still sleep on this
    make memo(meme) with usefull stuff atleast

    i saw this on reddit saved time on memo
  • HikariCalyxHikariCalyx
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    Until September 2019, there were in total 44 worlds in MapleStory China, and now all these 44 worlds were merged to only 7 worlds.
    Back then those 44 worlds were named with monster names, ore/gem names, NPC names, weapon name and location names, and now only:
    (Gateway of Wind) Lucid, Will, Orchid
    (Gateway of Light) Damien
    (Gateway of Clouds) Hilla
    (Gateway of Darkness) Von Leon
    (Gateway of Water) Magnus

    You can read server merging announcements records and current world icon here:
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Please don't necro two-year-old threads, thank you.
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