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Design a V skill

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I'm posting this in suggestions because maybe some good ideas will be posted that can actually be considered but I mostly imagined this just being a for fun thread.

Please Include this info to make it clear what job the skill is for and if it's a revision or new skill.
Job: All explorer magicians
Type: revision
Name: Unreliable memory
Describe how the skill works. Include how it will scale with level (doesn't have to be exact). If the skill is a revision rather than a new skill include how the skill is changed, unless the old skill is completely replaced by something new.
Reasoning (optional): Explain why this would be a good thing, particularly for revisions.


  • JushiroNetJushiroNet
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    Job: All explorer magicians
    Type: revision of unreliable memory
    Name: Unreliable Memory
    Call upon a memory to perform an offensive attack and give you wisdom.

    How it works:
    (PASSIVE/toggle?) When attacking has a chance to summon a former memory of yourself that attacks a nearby enemy. Prefers to attack a target in front of you. Damage is increased by nodes for the skill cast.
    Base cooldown: 20 seconds. When activated infinity is extended by 3 seconds if active (affected by buff duration), or the cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds if not active.
    -Your summoned memory of yourself has your current skin/eyes/hair but wears a level appropriate magician outfit.
    -Only active attacks can be cast by your former self, no longer able to use active buffs such as infinity.
    -passive 25 int removed
    -Poison Mist, summons, heaven's door excluded. Mist eruption can only be selected if there is mist to erupt. Reason for excluded skills, you retain control over your summoning and don't gain a heaven's door buff outside of your control.

    Numbers are subject to proper balancing of course!

    Currently this skill sees little use outside of "fishing" for infinity. The skill is not very interesting, and this change retains some of the infinity based value while adding flavour to the current function.

    Example: summoned memory casts energy bolt.


    Example 2: summoned memory casts flame orb


    Example 3: summoned memory casts explosion

  • MerphistMerphist
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    Job: Aran
    Type: New Skill (New Finisher as 5th job skill)
    Name: Submerged Ice Zero
    Description/explanation: Summon in a fury of the cold blood-storming winterstorms to swirl around you. Aran's memories return for an instant, teaching her the way she used to swing her Polearm. Bringing in the terror of how cold it really was every winter.
    [Command: Up, Left, Down, Right + Attack, Hold Right]
    Required Skill: Adrenaline Rush Lv.20

    [Current Level 30]
    MP Cost: 1000, Max Enemies Hit: 18, Damage: 1200%, Number of Attacks 6, Max Duration: 20 sec
    Only one finisher can be triggered per Adrenaline Rush.

    How it works: Basically a storm of ice shards, some wolves and the growling winter will bite things around you like a similar size to Bishop's benediction!
    Disclaimer: None of these images you see in that picture do not belong to me!

    Reasoning: There hasn't been a 5th job that directly goes with Aran's adrenaline burst's finishers. The finishers are like flashy moves but the ones from 4th job don't neccessarily help benefit your gameplay. I think it would be pretty cool! Also this finisher allows you to use other skills like spamming Beyond Blade during the duration it's casted.