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Buying NX

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So I've wanted to buy NX with Paypal, but couldn't find a place I could buy it for (NA), It keeps mentioning how it can be only activated on EUROPE, and I'm pretty much confused. Can't NX Codes be activated regardless of which region we play in-game?
I'm probably just stupid not to realize something so simple. Can I be suggested a site you guys use? I heard about some mods (who used to be at least) who used it.

I'm playing on NA, and looking to activate it on NA. I'm just confused about how I should do it, if there's a 30Euro pack, I would like a link if anyone's got one.

nvm, nexon is basically denying my paypal balance that I wanted to pay with because apparantly they take extra dollar so instead of 30euro (33.9x dollars, which is how much I had in my paypal balance, like exactly 34), it was 35$ instead, dunno why.