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Please Fix the Kanna Nerf.

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As a kanna main, I and many others are very disappointed in how GMS handled the revamp. This revamp had so much care and thought put into it to make kanna a better class but the GMS exclusive nerf turned it into a very negative impact on kanna.

They made kanna go backwards in damage improvement rather than forwards like it should've been. Kanna mains have lost so much damage output on their battle analysis because of how far GMS took the nerf. It's like Nexon doesn't care about everyone who actually mains this class seeing as they went out of their way to heavily nerf it. I understand JMS kanna is OP. But it doesn't excuse how severe they nerfed it in response. It should've been a modest nerf if anything.

It's unfair to all of us who are very passionate about kanna and main her. We lost so much damage in bossing now. They nerfed Shikigami Haunting way too hard. Making the skill not be affected by the GMS attack speed cap (but it is affected by it in JMS), making Shikigami Haunting boost nodes only give 2% fd (when they should've made it 4% or 5% because 7% was already OP as it was), and they decreased the damage% on 4th job Shikigami Haunting 1st stage by 50%, which they should've just left alone.

There is absolutely no reason why GMS should have different damage and function on Shikigami Haunting, nor different functions on kanna to begin with (In GMS, you can't animation cancel with Tengu Strike as well as you can on JMS). It would've been better if they had just left kanna basically untouched and only decreased the boost node fd per level to 4% or 5% instead of 2% then seen if kanna needed any further adjustment.

Now many of us kanna mains are unsure and upset because our class is now suffering from the nerf. I really hope Nexon reverts the nerf entirely and then does it more properly. Please listen to us kanna mains, Nexon. We were all so happy for the revamp, now it's impossible to be happy about it.