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Suggestions for Laptops

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Like the thread says, I have been looking to buy a laptop that can run maplestory, with no lag if possible, I went to a Microcenter and the gentleman that assisted me tried to coerce me into buying a laptop for $700!!!

Long story short, I need a list or just names, my price range is around $500. I have searched other sites for answers as well, but the laptops are either discontinued or out of my range. So I am reaching out to the community for help.

P.S. I apologize if their have been a million and one threads about this, all I was told was I needed a GTX 1050Ti to run maple....


  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    Get a rugged laptop so you don't have to worry about the environment breaking you laptop.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Maplestory does not have too much in terms of client lag, many issues are server lag and connections. Maple is also an older game, and does not support multi-threading or many special GPU features that would be common in modern games (meaning a powerful single core would still work far better than a weaker multi-core system).

    For reference, my laptop has an Intel i7 dual-core @2.90 GHz, and I use a AMD Radeon R7 GPU. The game runs fine for me (the fan does start running like a jet turbine, but it does that for every game I play because the aBSolUTE geNiuS who designed my laptop put the fan on the bottom with no ventilation, go figure).
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    If you want my opinion on the matter, stay away from laptops on the whole. They're not worth the money for what is essentially a fancy rock that can't be upgraded past maybe another ram stick or two or a larger-capacity hard drive.

    If you have the space for a desktop tower, go that route. It'll be a bit more expensive, maybe, but you'll have modularity to upgrade and change out any part you desire.
  • polerpoler
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    Before you start reading this comment, you don't need a GTX 1050 Ti to run maple. I don't even a dedicated graphics card I still can run it but I recommend a dedicated graphic card. My integrated graphics are from a 2nd generation of intel core processors so still pretty bad but my processor has a frequency of 3.4 GHz so I am happy enough.

    If you intend to only use it for gaming and not have to worry about space then I suggestion would be to buy a computer (the comments above called it a desktop tower which is the correct term but I don't have knowledge about computers so....). I believe it is much cheaper for the same parts and much more easier to upgrade/replace parts. If you need to use it for school/work or want to game at elsewhere often then a laptop is handy but if you use it for work then..... don't you need to have a separate device for that?

    Processor: A computer nerd (I mean it positive) said to me that AMD processor was better than Intel (maybe I remember it wrong) so... choose either I don't care but the thing to look out for is the frequency, cores and threads. The higher the frequency the faster. I can run Maplestory and League of Legends fine on 3.40 GHz but these games are potato games/ don't require much. Cores and threads are basically what allow your computer to multitask but 4 cores and 8 threads are fine.

    Graphics: a dedicated one other than that I don't have a different opinion on this. If you want to play other games then look up those requirements. For now I recommend " NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 | AMD Radeon R9 290, or better" since you can play Tom Clancy’s The Division and FOR HONOR but that is just me.

    Ram: get something with 8 GB or higher since Maplestory takes like 50% with discord. With youtube and this tab open with 7 extensions active 67% so that is like 5.6 GB gone already.

    Storage: I would just say buy 1 TB HDD. Enough space and cheaper but it takes a longer time to read. Also I think it is more fragile (if your HDD makes a lot of sounds constantly it might be dying but don't mistake it for the fan.

    That is about it I guess? I can't think of any more things I look out for.
  • MorningAfterSevenMorningAfterSeven
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    pros of a laptop: you can play Maple in the garden, or on the toilet or wherever you want
    cons: overheat, cleaning, cost.

    700€ for a laptop that runs maplestory smoothly (and I mean you can make a run at 230-240 with an Illium and a Hero and your graphic card won't do harakiri or slow down like a panzer in the mud) is a good price, also you'll be able to play other games and blabla.
    But sitll, a laptop makes sense only if you "travel" with it, either it be changing room every now and then or writing on an intercontinental flight.

    Once I've played from my favorite pub (laaaag!), but... not worthy.

    If it's just for playing: get a desktop computer.
    Don't know your whereabouts, but there are shops where you can buy single components to create your own tower. Meaning you can recycle an old pentium 150 tower to make a gargantuan war machine disguised :D
    With great chances of saving some money.

    Problem: desktops need a screen. And good screens don't come free.
    But laptop screens are... a limit.