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[NA Reboot] R > Search

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Search is a relatively new guild with less than 100 members (at the time of this post), but we are actively growing and expanding. As such, we cannot guarantee constant guild activeness or daily CRA/HMag/Lomien/etc. carries, but we are working with those goals in mind, as well as several others to become the most helpful and friendly guild we can be. By joining, you become part of the team that grows and expands Search. We are returnee-friendly and new player-friendly, with a loose level requirement as long as you plan to main and be active on the character you join with.

We cap (Root Abyss and Chaos Horntail) daily at reset, and Hellux, HMag, and CRA carries are also done at certain times. Our members communicate outside of Maplestory, on our Discord server too.

If you ever need help with a quest, bossing, equip progressing, training a mule (or finding a training partner), etc., just shoot a message in the guild chat, and we will be glad to help! Providing Kishin and other helpful services when questing or training is also possible, but do remember to give back to the guild too.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


  • UnlistedOdinUnlistedOdin
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    edited August 2019
    Hey i'm thinkin of moving to reboot server. I am from scania, but since burning event is going this seems like a good time to jump over.
    I am not wanting to roll a bishop, but or anything that will kill my fingers, but if you need any specific class I am down to make whatever I enjoy most the classes out there. So if you need anything specific like Battle mage for their auras or support class. If your intrested in having me just let me know whatcha need.
  • HastagaHastaga
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    ign: JojoBubbs lvl 100, I just joined 2 days ago on reboot server, looking for active guild.