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Suggestions to improve kinesis.

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edited August 2019 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Dear Nexon,
Kinesis is a really cool class, with amazing lore and skills , but it can be annoying in a lot of ways and hard to play.
Firstly id like to suggest to remove the ability to grab the mobs from the map, when youre at a boss, kinesis doesnt grab any mobs but rocks, id like this to be implemented for grinding too since it lags less, makes it smoother and its less annoying to have mobs grabbed that u need to smash to kill.
Secondly, it has way too many combos and the rewards for casting them all is not fullfilling, like in other classes , if you combo good on blaster, you deal a lot of damage, sadly this is not the case with kinesis. Both Ultimate Metal Press | Ultimate Material and Ultimate Trainwreck are never used nor in mobbing and specially not in bossing, since the end game bosses are moving all around the map, and sometimes disappearing, is not worth to run out of PP to cast a skill that wont hit the boss, my suggestion is to greatly reduce the amount of PP that require casting them and decreasing the casting speed (decreasing casting speed should also be introduced in the skill called Ultimate Deep Impact , since its very usefull to dodge boss attacks but because its very slow it can end up killing you), specially of trainwreck and make them so that it follows the boss, this could make it so that people start using this skills more while training and bossing.
Furthermore, Psychic Drain is also extremelly hard to use when bossing and mobbing both one , it doesnt last long, and secondly , since new bosses are moving around, again, you cant recover as much PP as youd need to deal the optimal damage, the same thing goes for Mind Tremor.
In addition, you run out of PP extremelly fast, making almost impossible to have Ultimate B.P.M. on at all times(which greatly reduces our damage both in mobbing and in bossing), other classes that use this kind of PP system like kanna or demon slayer have forms of recovering fast PP in case u run out of it. Kanna by using the skill called Mana Balance(which has a short cooldown( kinesis has a similar skill but its cooldown is too big, id suggest to lower the cooldown of this skill, its called Psychic Charger | Psychic Charge)) and demon slayer by reducing a lot the amount of demon fury that you need to cast the skills, so you barelly ever run out of itt, i suggest to introduce something like demon slayer, lower by a lot the amount of PP that consumes ultimate bpm.
Another suggestion would be to lower the amount of PP consumed by the 5th job skill psychic bullet, it recently got nerfed way too much, now is not a very used skill, so the kinesis bossing didnt improve at all...
I really enjoy playing kinesis and i find it to be a very interesting and refreshing class, but because of this difficulties i end up not enjoying as much as id like to this class, and ive been asking around and a lot of people feel the same, should this changes be introduced, im sure more people will play end enjoy this class too.
Thank you for listening,