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suggestion to improve xenons

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Good morning everyone,
Xenon is a really good class but it lacks 1 thing sadly which is potential, xenon needs all stat %when potentialing ur items, %all stat lines are way harder to get than normal potential lines, my suggestion is to make %all stat lines more common than it is now, a lot of people enjoy xenon but just because is way harder to fund than other classes, nearly no one plays it, which is a waste of a class in my opinion.
Thanks for reading my suggestion,


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    It's a bit curious as to why the rates for all stat don't match the rest, for classes that don't use it, main% is better.
    All a lower all% does is lock more Xenon players out of better items.

    Weight determines the chance to obtain the line in a particular set. Some legendary potentials' weight may be inaccurate. To find the exact chance please apply: (Weight of Line)/(Sum of weight of all possible lines)
    STR % Increase
    Weight: 3

    DEX % Increase
    Weight: 3

    INT % Increase
    Weight: 3

    LUK % Increase
    Weight: 3

    All Stats % Increase
    Weight: 2

    So the rate doesn't seem that much lower, but according to the stratwiki, it is still lower.