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account locked out after deleting extra characters

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edited August 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Log in

Brief bug summary: Account was locked out and gives "ID already logged in" error after deleting extra characters in merged server

More details:
I deleted 3~4 characters at a time and I believe I deleted a total of 10 characters if not more
I think 10 characters is the daily cap of characters I can delete per day
after inputting PIC for the final character deletion, game froze and proceed to crash
Now I can't log on even after 8 hours of waiting

Steps to reproduce:
1. Delete characters using the special UI until you hit the daily cap of 10
2. Crash
3. ???
4. Profit

Character name: DeathStarVXX

Character level: N/A

Character job: N/A

World name: Aurora

Date and time of the incident: 8/30th/2018 1AM


  • DualBlade769DualBlade769
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    I have the same issue that you have now.
    I contacted Customer Support yesterday and they suggested that we should wait for next maintenance to sort this out.