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World Merge is a fail for Elysium


  • pommepouffepommepouffe
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    HuskyDM wrote: »
    To be honest Elysium is great. I was from GRAZED and it was just as dead as others. Aurora got lucky getting merged with Windia, but still the population of Elysium its a lot better than we used to have. Now Elysium is kinda of the normal server for people who want a quieter experience but still finding people instead of the ghost ship it was before the merge.

    My friends and I feel the same way (from GRAZED). I'm very happy that there is still a quieter world to play in and hope that for people who want a busier world, Nexon opens up a world leap event or something in the future so those players can have that option.
  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    I'm of the opinion that the world merge didn't hurt. Yeah, there's not too much arguing that elysium could be more populated, but it's still better off than it was. At this point we need to take what we can get. It may not have been "good enough" but that doesn't mean it isn't "good".
  • UserRedUserRed
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    To be fair, merging a bunch of dead servers results in a slightly less dead server.
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    They honestly could've just included Scania in Elysium merge. Less dead server + barely alive server= moderately alive server.
  • rizariza
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    Originally from khaini ive been asking for a world merge for years because our server was dead. Even after the world merge i still seem to find barely any people. Channel 1 isnt even full. On other servers every channel is full. How do you unevenly distribute players. This is still a failure i cant play MS if i dont have anyone to talk to. We need another world merge. ._. 5 years later and im still posting world merge threads. They cant seem to get it right.

    Well to give my input on this topic I had made a thread previously about this topic and had voting and people post their opinions on this topic. A lot of people were for people merging all the worlds and Nexon actually doing their job.

    But like shadeight said there were a lot of players who were for a dead world for reason that I can't judge on but don't really agree with. But everyone deserves a voice even if you don't agree with it.

    I had gone to the new khaini merge and also got my guild back and from what I seen is the same thing you see it didn't fix the issue. What someone said about people not being satisfied is an insult of itself.

    We in khaini had suffered badly time after time from decisions from people who don't know us or our server culture. khaini is one of the only servers where everyone got along and everyone knew each other. It had a gaming culture that Nexon should of striving for.

    what happened? a decision from I doesn't know who was made to have a transfer and didn't think it through. that decision single handily destroyed the server. there are still guilds alive there like fallenstarz which is amazing, but that doesn't make up for the damage thats done.

    I can speak on it as I originally came from there and still currently there. We try to make decisions for people who we don't know and don't acknowledge the gaming culture of. Nexon could solve many issues by investigating this prior to doing that event. most of the gamers choose money over the community. Maybe a survey and a way to gather information before doing things.

    I feel in the community it's not easy to solve issues and it will only get worse but I say once Nexon listens to their gms players you will see a big difference. But thats my input.