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Could we get this Crossover in GMS Please X(

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It Would be a nice way to bring back Re: Zero Stuff as well.



  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    We might. We have gotten the Sakura Card Captor, Evangelion, Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online events in the past, chances are we are getting this too.
  • NirNightNirNight
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    i would like this crossover.
  • GalvarGalvar
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    I would love to get this cross-over since many of these series are an absolute favorite of mine. But, if GMS does get this cross-over, please release the cross-over Nx items either in a box of NOTHING BUT, CROSS-OVER ITEMS, with no regular NX items included.. or as individual packages.
    Heck they could also release a combination of the two like they did for SAO and Attack on Titan.
    Please also release the hairs as either individual coupons or a coupon with NOTHING, BUT cross-over hairs with no regular hair styles to be trolled with.

    If GMS did any of the above suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated since it has been VERY difficult to actually get a desired cross-over NX set or hair style without spending hundreds of dollars, (could be less however depending on luck..) , due to the inclusion.of other "fine items" ever since the Re:Zero event.
    In turn due to the inclusion of unrelated items, a person who buys the cross-over box/hair coupon, has a chance of possibly never getting any of the cross-over outfits, or getting a cross-over glove and boot at most.
    However, by making the box have only cross-over items, it substantially increases the chance of possibly getting a desired full outfit set of cross-over items or the hair style of choice.

    But, knowing how cross-overs have been rhandled in recent times, I highly doubt the "other fine items" model will change with this one either.. but one can hope for the latter.. I suppose.
  • VinsaneVinsane
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    I'd be fine if the events were similiar to SAO or AoT.