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Chaos Lock considerably slower after v.208 update

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edited October 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Skill

Brief bug summary: When using Chaos Lock (the Demon Slayer skill), it now comes out MUCH slower and is slower to use in succession than it was before the v.208 update (the patch notes mention nothing about this skill). This is the second time this skill has been unintentionally negatively affected by a patch in the past 4 months.

Video showcasing its speed BEFORE the patch (attack speed is at hard cap):
Video showcasing its speed AFTER the patch (attack speed is at hard cap):

Steps to reproduce:
1) Use Chaos Lock multiple times in a row
2) Observe how it's slower than it was pre-patch

Character name: Azarul

Character level: 240

Character job: Demon Slayer

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: 10/2/2019 @ 6pm MDT