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functionality bug reporting

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edited December 2019 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: bug reporting Screen keeps hanging while saving drafts

bug summary:when reporting a bug the draft gets saved a lot
most of the time during one of These saves the Screen turns dark and keeps hanging
even if we wait for a Long time we can not continue working on this draft and should start over writing a bug Report
since this happens over and over again most People make Brief bug reports without all the info you ask for, because we simply do not have the time to write all required info down

More details:
the only way to get a good Report through is making a copy every Minute, refreshing the bug Report and pasting it again to continue working on it.
since this requires a lot of time and effort you get a lot of reports which are lacking most of the info, just to get it done in the available timeframe

Steps to reproduce: try reporting anything that takes some minutes to write down, i had to restart this one 4 times using the copy/paste technique before i could post it, which probably took me an extra 20 minutes

Character name: torafugu

Character level:256

Character job:kanna

World name:luna

Date and time of the incident: this has been going on for a Long time, i just never put in the time and effort to Report it


  • RexaarRexaar
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    edited December 2019
    Never had this problems when making bug report.
    There is no draft saving function when making a new forum post, only when replying to a forum post.

    Draft are saved using a cookie using java script, you probably have a browser extension that is interrupting the java script and not allowing it to run fully.