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[Bera] New guild Hanami is recruiting!

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Hanami on Bera is recruiting new, returning members and veterans alike!

About Us

Hanami was establish on December 23, 2019 by two close friends who wanted to grow a close knit guild together. We're fairly new so our requirements aren't too much like those other pro guilds out there. We also play FFXIV and there isn't much maplers who play FFXIV so it would be awesome if we had some players who play both!
What we ask of you

What we want from you

All we ask is have you join us on your mains only. And guild cap with us. Although it isn't necessary to guild cap we would like it to have it as a habit so we can keep track of activity.

❀ So what are you waiting for? Come watch the Sakura trees with us. ❀

Feel free to dm me or whisper Ancestry or CherryParfum in game.