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Recruiting [Scania] L'ucid'

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edited December 2019 in Guilds
Guild: L'ucid'

Search for 'ucid' and request to join.

+No botters/hackers
+Mains Only Please
New players welcome!

+Bossing/Questing help
+Great for Returning Players
+Fun Community
+Inclusive of all timezones/regions

Please post here if you are interested in joining and then apply directly through guild tab in game (Search 'ucid')

Please let me know if you have any questions :)


  • JigilypuffJigilypuff
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    I would like to join.
    IGN: Pathinlight
    Level: 163
    Class: Pathfinder
  • YJI1203YJI1203
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    Sent a request to join if possible.
    IGN: LittBoss