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New Year's sale swizz !! F5

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edited January 2020 in General Chat
I took a few minutes at midnight to wish my family well.

By about12:04 I was in the "special New Year's shop" ... and it was sold old !!

We are talking about digital goods - how could they be "sold out" so quickly?

There was even a cap on the desirable items; e.g max 10 Onyx Apple across the entire account - so no real chance of cheating or flooding the market (how many would bother to make multiple accounts, just for that?). The would have sold for 1m and the cheapest currently in the auction house (Lunna) is 20m. What a (typically Maple) swizz!!

Shame on you, Nexon F5

I feel sorry for any youngsters who stayed up late especially for this non-event.


  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    The apples are trade in account only so they would not have ended up in the AH. Also there was a glitch that has appeared in past years as well. The glitch where characters that have bought apples in past years before were unable to purchase any at all. Lag + crashing issues caused some individuals to be kicked off the game during the 3 min that apples were available. That mixed with what seems to have been a channel cap on apples leading to only a few people being able to obtain any apples at all. I know of some who walked away with nothing after the shop opened. This was a major disappointment for many players and I hope Nexon makes some effort to correct this in the future. I would ask for some kind of do over or compensation for people who were on at the time of the new years shop, but I know that Nexon doesn't owe us anything. It is just a major let down for a game to advertise a special event and w/o disclosing all the rules and limits. To have so many people log in just for an event and walk away empty handed it just not a very good practice. That is just my opinion so take it as you may. I personally lost all motivation to play tonight. Perhaps I will feel more like it in the morning.
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    that copy-paste to good....they had time to change to 2020 tho (i remember wrong year in the mini map and event list in the previous new year shop event)
    store items expire very quick like the 3x and they are not given away free or able to trade with other
    good for meso sink and increased-happy play time win win for all players and nexon

    but what can be done when there is no team or someone able to make change or even talk with us...
    CrystalOra wrote: »
    Nexon makes some effort to correct this in the future.
    few years later still same