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Songs/Music which gives you BAG of Feels...

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Mine was Chinese Song; but worth to hear it:


  • XenomataXenomata
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    edited September 2016
    Maybe it's cause the franchise has grown so much since my young days, but I can't help but feel while watching this trailer...

  • SandwichSandwich
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    edited September 2016

    These credits will always summon up an unstoppable army of feels if you've played through the game. It feels like saying goodbye to a good friend... or several of them.
  • tarasenkotarasenko
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    Before I go to work this is one of my.
  • NiightseekerNiightseeker
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    edited September 2016

    The whole game was pretty full of feels, but dear lord the ending...
  • FawnFawn
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    Oh this is a good thread! For me it's this one:

    It just takes me right back to a really lonely period of my life. ;;
  • KerqxonKerqxon
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    edited September 2016
    for me its got to be THIS 1