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For those who finished seasons 1/2 and then completed season 3, when you tried to redo seasons 1/2, did Aster just not show up at the Hideout after you saved her? The quest A Friend Built Just For You shows up constantly complete in Quest Log even after completing it again. Mind you, I have redone it thrice already, and I cannot, for the life of me, complete the quest and thus unlock Investigation Mode. This bars all possible chances to collect Aspire Commerative Coins for the seasons 1/2 shop.

Ghiblee, a response would be nice. The JQ is hassle for some people, and quite frankly, this is rather tiresome to redo it in hopes of it working properly. This is on top of all the other issues with Wondroid at the moment.


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    Having the exact same issue here. Nexon just had to ruin a good event with all these loads of bug, didn't they?