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Improving arcane river map layout

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Hello everyone,
I know theres an upcoming patch where they are improving map layout of chu chu. My issues are with maps from morass and u. , mostly every single map layout of morass, sfera, moonbridge and such are really really bad, for example in morass, all truffet maps are extremelly bad, small platforms, if u fall u tele back to a bad place, if u dont jump good u fall and get teled back up, and also the extreme lag that truffet maps have for some reason.
Then we go to sfera and its more of the same, only 2 maps are decent which are the spiders maps, the ones that have aranya or aranea.
This kind of problems makes the playerbase to stick to arcana cuz it simply has the best layouts . The problem is that this can become extremelly boring, having to lv from 225 to 250 at this maps is extremelly dull, painful and boring.
Please nexon, improve the maps of moprass and up, and when making new areas please make them easy to travel through and to train at, just like arcana maps.
Thanks for reading,