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Covid-19 don't panic okay Maplers.

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The panic buyers have too much anxiety.. My work is chaotic still, but luckily it changed its entrance and exit procedures.
- The higher anxiety you have the weaker immune you indeed have.
- Seeing face masks on people that are not sick are general more vulnerable due to high anxiety.

Tips on beating up your anxiety kids/adults.
- Watch Grey's Anatomy simple you learn a lot about our (brains)
- Tell the people wearing who aren't sick that Derek Sheppard said its useless and it makes you more vulnerable. If they freak out or get angry you stand corrected! ( we obviously know the people that need the mask don't we!
- Keep up with your fluids. ('m bad with that) The virus or bacteria will likely drown since we humans are made up of water mostly!
- Honestly put CNN on.


  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    I'm not panicking and I'm prepared and taking precaution on what's happening.
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    we need to stop with that stereotype wearing mask = sick, also the panic about wearing one
    mask/glass its not useless and all should wear outside(when in contact with other) during quarantine ( only when you need to go outside else stay home)
    each time we avoid/ignore those precaution we risking spread it more (even when you know you dont have the symptoms or signs it could be inside you)

    while everyone was memeing about china and take no precaution, china was under strict quarantine with mask and glass and they did manage to get it stable and about to get over it

    so stay safe guys and follow the precautions by world health organization and your state emergency
    have fun mapleing or other game you do
  • Lucsean99Lucsean99
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    I'm still on the Front-lines and still one the employees not wearing a mask.
    My Company is making lots of $$$$ so i can take unpaid sick leave it's AWESOME.