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Investigation Hieizan

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type: bug

Brief bug summary: when doing the investigation on a Kanna the Miroku boss wont spawn

More details: Miroku doesn't spawn and because of that you cant continue in the investigation and cant obtain Kanna ring.

(anything not included in the other sections of your report)

Steps to reproduce: go into investigation hieizan and select kanna, do the first 5 missions and when you get to the sixth one (wich is the miroku boss it wont spawn.

(if not covered in the summary)

Character name: alcohoiist

Character level: 155

Character job: Ark

World name: Reboot EU

Date and time of the incident: 21.3.2020 after the maintenance


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    What is the name and status (completed/incomplete) of the quest you are up to in Hieizan?