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December 11, 1987
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"Mathematics is the music of reason"
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A soft-spoken statistician with a passion for music, science, game design, and the fine arts.


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  • Penguinz0
    So I'm being warned for using "inflammatory" words? Ok fair enough. Did u also give warning to the other guy who tried to paint me as an @sshole, or does he get to get away with it?
    April 2019
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    September 2018
  • LagTooMuch
    thx for deleting my entire post. You have no right to do so unless I violate the rules (If any, I may violated the terms of use breaking but the intention was to prove my innocence to those who bullied me). I didn't insult specific people but criticized them. It is ok for them to bully a specific person (even the forum modertor was among them), but not okay to give constructive criticism of their behaviors? Funny.
    December 2017
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