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Looking for some guides - leveling/ dalies etc.

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Hello fellow maplers,
I have recently consiederd returning to the game after a pretty long time.
I'm level 200 and if I remember right I should take care of some basic things in order to keep the progress up, which is why I'm looking for some guides to the following topics:

1. Damage enhencement - in order to get stronger for easier mobbing
2. Arcane force gain
3. leveling and tips in order to manage that in a reasonable pace (and not a level in a week)

if it's relevent I shall mention that I'm a Zero.

Thanks in advance for you help :D


  • gathergather
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    I've put below a video url below that might help with number 3.


    For number 2.Arcane force mobs do have a chance to drop arcane symbols. Though nameless town which is the only area you'll have access to has daily quests.

    https://youtube.com/watch?v=ULZJUJWqkX8 This url is a guide arcane river erda spectrum.

    To get your three quests that are daily talk to the npc Rona you can change your daily quest once if your not happy with the ones she gives you. However you will not have any daily quests from Rona if you did not do the storyline which I've put a link for you to watch in case you haven't. https://youtube.com/watch?v=DWar0iZtYGU

    1. Did you mean advice on upgrading gear? Because that is going to be a tough one since even though there's new sets. Not to mention hyper stats have changed. Without knowing your gear and the stats is where it becomes hard. If you want you just message me and I'll include my discord in the message just not on the forums. I will try to help to the best of my ability however I work and still study.
  • LatemasterLatemaster
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    get some equipment on every eqp slot you have and just 70% trace em+sf to 10* (wep and glove to 11*)
    After that get 6%-11% potential on every equipment and use CRA (hat+top+bottom), Absolab (wep+shoulder+shoe+glove+cape), Sup gollux (ring+2 pends+ears+belt) and android+ heart. scroll gollux with gollux scrolls and others with 30% traces (wep with 15% traces) you got time to css your stuff later so no need to hurry if they don't succeed all at once (half of slots succeeded is good enough for starters and for 15% one third of slots is decent).
    After that use powerful/eternal flames to get main stat+as% on other items and att+dmg/as%/main stat on wep.
    When that is done start starforcing to 17*. after that get each item to 15% stat+ then start looking for replacement items for each slot (24%+ with good flame) and scroll them perfectly+get them to 21*. After that you can go for BiS items.
    Every area in arcane river has dailies that give symbols, monster drop rates are so slow that it would take ages to get those symbols lvled.
    VJ: erda spectrum 3x/day (2symbol each), dailies 5/day (1 symbol each+3 extra when you complete all of them)
    chuchu: ccqp 3x/day (5 symbols each hard done quick enough, which is quite easy task), dailies (2 each)
    Lachelein: dream defender 3x/day (1coin/floor and symbol for every 30 coins, you get extra 30 coins from the top player npcs from lach after daily runs), dailies (2 each)
    Arcana: Spirit saviour 3x/day (1 coin/1000 points and symbol for every 3 coins (10 symbols max/day) highly recommended getting 5 spirits and returning them in the middle, yielding 2500 points each time), dailies (2 each)
    Morass: dailies (2 each + extra 2 from completing all)
    Esfera: same as morass
    Whenever you advance to next area in arcane river all the previous areas daily count reduces by one, but symbol gain doesn't drop. Special contents (erda spectrum, ccpq, DD, SS) have quick clear option for last runs and that basically clears your best run of day again without giving exp.
    Do daily quests with legion shop 2x buffs, grind with some exp boosters (monster park gold pot, hyper stats reassign, legion grid reassign, spirit pendant, nx 2x, scout for mvps and use exp accumulation pot and decent holy symbol) and do monster parks for highest lvl arcane river area.
    Good grind spots:
    VJ: fire zone, below the cave
    Chuchu: slurpy forest depths, torrent zone 2/3, skywhale mountain for some classes
    Lachelein: chicken festival 2, revelation place 3, Clocktower 1/4
    Arcana: cavern lower path, Labyrinth cavern if clp is full
    Morass: that day in trueffet 2 (for most cases clp is better)
    Esfera: Mirror touched sea 2/3
    Make sure you 1hit the monsters for most effective grinding, in arcane river you need some arcane force you gain from symbols and you can cover a little bit with hyper stat atleast in beginning.