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Remove the Sunny Sunday window.

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edited April 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Please. Remove the Sunny Sunday window. Every single time I log into a charecter, I have to go through this crash or not Sunny Sunday window boss, because when you close it, you MUST freeze for FIVE HUNDRED million CENTURIES to play the game. AND THEN another window pops up, and you will not even know if you will crash or not.
99.9% of the time, you WILL crash no matter what because of closing the sunny sunday window. Remove this window. We do not need to crash everytime we log on to a charecter. Why is it specifically on the weekends? This is literally very annoying.
Remove it and give us the ability to see the sunny sunday in the game another way WITHOUT FORCING US TO READ IT UPON LOGGING ON TO THE CHARECTER AND CRASHING. Thanks. This will 100% get ignored by nexon.