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Gach Tickets in "Convenience"

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So, as a Reboot player, I frequently go to the Cash Shop to buy teleport rocks. I noticed that the new patch has moved Gachapon Tickets to the "convenience" category of the CS. That's not okay. At all. Chairs, damage skins, transformation potions.... these don't make anything convenient. There needs to be some sort of category for items like the SSB/PSSB, Wonderberry, Gach Tickets, and other event SSBs to go in.

My main concern is a new player, maybe coming from MS2; maybe they're finally playing this game seeing as they're not allowed to leave their home right now. They see the Gach Tickets in that convenience tab and think that they'll get something actually useful from it; when in reality it's just a chair, damage skin, or other strange item that the machine spit out.

Maybe it's just me, but this seriously feels weird and I'm not a fan of it.

GIF of the misbehaving Gach Tickets in question.