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Small thing but launcher never remembers my log in

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edited April 2020 in Tech Support
It's only been 3 days but the nexon launcher never remembers my log in details anymore even though the box is ticked. In the past you enter the name and password and tick the box and that's it, every time the launcher loads the game screen comes up. Recently I have had to enter my details every time I want to play, regardless of the box being ticked to 'remember me'.

Not a impact but just something that was convenient but isn't now.


  • SilverwolfJJSilverwolfJJ
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    Since today I got this too...
  • RunocruRunocru
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    edited April 5
    I have to same issue too
  • DiggersFavChewToyDiggersFavChewToy
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    edited April 5
    I started having this problem 3-4 days ago.
  • kamimanplekamimanple
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    edited April 6
    I'm also experiencing the same issue.
  • GeminiaGeminia
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    edited April 7
    I've been experiencing this issue as well. I know this thread is from last year, but since it's happening again, I'd post here too.
  • BlasterMasterBlasterMaster
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    edited April 8
    I can't log in. When I do, all my toons are missing. What did they DO?