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"Boost" message for all Maplers alike

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Hellooo good people of Maple World!

I felt the need to make a message for all sort of players and people beeing arround in Maple World. Its a verry verry weired time right now and i hope evryone's doing ok. I have bin playing for a verry long time (excluding the Big Bang update, missed that one) so i have seen alot of updates during that time. Thats all fine offcourse but that has nothing to do with the message offcourse.

What i would like to say to people is: i felt the need to support all kinds of treu Maplers and people in Maple World. It is my way to show some sort of support right now. All i can do for now is to say that you dont give in to bad things that are happening or errors or bugs alike. Stay focussed on things that make you strong like beeing reunited with people or reaching a high lvl-up or be in that guild that you want, getting stronger via varius things. So keep it up!! I mean give it your best and if your best isnt good enough reach out to people who ARE giving out support via numerous of ways like in a Guild, on forum or even people arround. Dont be afraid to ask things if your in need of advice. I have met people that are being afraid to ask things. Just ask if you have a qeustion i always say. You wil find that there's always someone that will answer. Maybe a bad answer (toxic people) or maybe good answers. Give your energy to good things and stay away from things that will drain your energy. Never react to things that dont feel good is advice given to me by some people before. I could ask or say alot of things going on in game or with bugs or what ever, but theres more then that to spare on the forum. I hope youl find this message in good health and with alot of good energy that will keep you going what ever it is your doing.

I hope you find it supportive what i was saying and that it wil help in good ways to make al sorts of progress. I know there's so manny people in Maple World that are supportive. Ask them for help if needed or join a group that gives you energy. Youl find that in time people who are beeing toxic wil either change their ways or disappear into thin air because they simply dont get the attention they so wrongfully acuire to feel good about themself.

My reason for making this message is that i met alot of people who are in search of a boost in-game or in RL. More then often they searching for guidance (new players) or players that are from a group/guild that were not surportive at all simply because of weird rules that are needed to be followed. Anywho, focus on things that are good and youl find it that the good people eventualy will find you.

I hope Maple will always be here,
-Paxius-(Luna player)