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Is maplestory worth playing ?

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i stop playing maplestory right after they did the big bang update. and i cant even recover my account.
Anyways thats now the point, my point is maplestory still alive after all this years? i know a lot have changed.
how is the population?




  • CannonizeCannonize
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    MapleStory is still alive and in my opinion the game is doing well, but a lot of things changed in order to accomodate to the new situation. I mean that many players stopped playing and many were disappointed with how long it takes to level up, so now the game is kinda easier. You level up quite fast until level 200. The 3rd job advancement is now at level 60, and 4th at level 100. There are 2 servers: regular and Reboot. In Reboot mobs are stronger and give more exp and money, and drop equips for your class much more often than in regular servers. Also, you can purchase some useful Cash Shop items with mesos on Reboot (cubes, VIP teleport rocks, ...). There are many new classes with cool skills. I absolutely admire this game for the coolest skill animations.

    The game doesn't have as many players as before and so the game merged with EU version which had really low population with basically one empty server (Demethos). I recommend you to try the game and check yourself. You missed a lot of class revamps and updates. It is difficult to describe everything what has changed. If you join the game and have some specific questions feel free to ask. I play in EU Reboot, my character name is Cannonize.
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    The game is quite different. My suggestion is simple, jump in and see it for yourself. Ignore everything else, try to experience it as blind as possible.
  • luna02luna02
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    yes .. each mantenance it's worse ..
  • ToreishiToreishi
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    It doesn't hurt to install the game and give it a try, after all it's free to do so.
  • iArrowZiArrowZ
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    i will be blunt..
    no its not.
  • AlexKarevAlexKarev
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    I will be honest and blunt as well. In the end it's your choice
    - Reboot server you will have an easier time acquiring items to approve your overall damage/range or dps,(With MESOS) than regular servers like Bera/Scania, etc and the other 2. ( I called this server the "easy way out sever" since they gave up yrs ago on a regular server came back to Reboot server thinking the have the best dps and facepalming the actual hard regular server workers.

    - The regular servers are more of a grind, and an general like feeling of a greater accomplishment, which requires luck and patience.
  • TheOfficialZaiTheOfficialZai
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    Probably so :)
  • TerazzoTerazzo
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    I've been playing on and off like you for a long time and I've finally come back to the game, and I can honestly say I love it again.
  • WaffleDayWaffleDay
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    yea man
    give it a shot
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