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Grandis Library - A Resource for Beginners & Info

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Hello! I wanted to share my passion project that I've been working on recently. I use to have a Wordpress (cringe) but I wanted to rebrand a bit and practice a bit of website creation.

Over the years, I've noticed that information on MapleStory is quite scattered and most of it was buried within Patch Notes to be lost and forgotten. I wanted to unify the content and organize it in a way that would be easier to navigate and find. Additionally, I wanted to create more content to help liven up the MapleStory community. I loved having all these community websites like BasilMarket and HiddenStreet that helped me feel connected to the game

The website consists of 4 sections: Content, Classes, Events, Resources
Within Content right now is information on boss pre-quests, content unlocked at each (10) level, link skills, shared cash shop inventories and upgrading & enhancing gear

Within Classes
, I have 23/47 classes completed. Each class consists of a brief introduction, pros,cons & overall opinion and a simple explanation of each skill with animations

Within Events, information of reoccuring events like Tera Burning and Mega Burning are included. This section is the most bare at the moment as I try to add more to Content and Classes

Within Resources
are a list of useful links and content creators. As well there is a list of Q&A questions

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for further content!


  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    Hey, if you need any help making a Dark Knight guide, I'll be glad to help! :D
  • MapleShinnieMapleShinnie
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    DiximaN wrote: »
    Hey, if you need any help making a Dark Knight guide, I'll be glad to help! :D

    Will do! Currently I'm looking for tips and tricks, hyper skills & stats and 5th job information for classes