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[Reboot] R>Mute~

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Recruiting active Maplers to Mute! We're mostly an Australia-based guild although anyone is welcome as long as they're active. We've managed to clear CRA and Hard Magnus as a guild and are working towards normal Lotus and Damien. If you're looking for a guild where you can chill, hangout and boss then this is the guild for you!

- Must be level 101+
- Main character (no mules sorry :P)
- Active! (This doesn't mean play 12 hours everyday. As long as you show interest in the game then you are considered active).
- No hacking/illegal programs/griefing.
- Don't be a ****.

If you're interested in joining then apply for Mute using the guild tab! Alternatively, you can leave a comment here or message Richie69kg in-game. Happy Mapling!