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Kish nerf is worse than you think


  • ApocalyptianApocalyptian
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    edited June 2020
    I have heard of people getting 2 kannas in the same map. While one has cool down the other uses kinshin. I haven't tried it yet or seen it done but it has possiblies.
    I made my second main a Kanna and I haven't been able to even do anything with it or really get a feel for the changes yet. I hope it's not THAT bad. But then again Nexon has a way of making life harder for those of us who have more useful skills. (Need I remind you how they totally messed up Bishop because they nerfed hs to the point barely anyone is a Bishop anymore?) It was only a matter of time and at least they didn't completely take kinshin away....cause you know they probably wanted to...