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Cash Shop Potion Pot not working

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in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Cash Shop Item, Functionality

Brief bug summary: Potion Pot from Cash Shop isn't working properly in some maps. In towns it works fine but in certain training maps they don't work (i.e. Revelation Place 1 - 3 in Lachelein, Eree Valley: Chu Chu Village Entrance, Lake of Oblivion: Hidden Lakeshore in Vanishing Journey). There is enough HP/MP in my Potion Pot and it does not expire until 7/1/20. I am also not affected by any debuffs from anti-afk monsters.

Steps to reproduce: Using Potion Pot in any of the maps listed above.

Character name: Hp1Mp6

Character level: 224

Character job: Blade Master

World name: Reboot (NA)

Date and time of the incident: 6/11/2020 7:15PM PST


  • HungryPandaHungryPanda
    Posts: 2
    Having this exact same bug in Desolate Hill...
  • ImKukiImKuki
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    Also having the same issue with the potion pot
  • VickyanVickyan
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    edited July 2020
    Is potion pot still not working? I can’t test it because mine expired
  • VoiD_KuraVoiD_Kura
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    Post: 1
    Can confirm still bugged, can't be used at Silent Swamp
  • GarvoriousGarvorious
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    edited August 2020
    Confirming as of 8/28 Potion Pot is STILL bugged in some maps during training.
    Extremely frustrating this is still happening.
  • ArcanaPrimeArcanaPrime
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    10/12 in Kritias.I bought a potion pot from cash shop just now,and it almost got me killed.The potion pot only works in town.
    Why is it still happening?What a disappointment.
  • DalethDaleth
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    edited December 2020
    I can still confirm that my potion pot is not working, as of today. It works in some maps, however, unfortunately, it seems it does not work in a single map in my level range, all of the arcane river is literally a death trap. This is especially disappointing because it's a paid product, and at the *very least* I'd want my nx back for this months potion pot, I mean, sure, it's 99 cents, but I still don't think knowingly taking my money for a broken product is acceptable. Like, a simple google search of the issue reveals a systemic issue that has been going on for months now, and I didn't particularly see a single official response regarding it (though I won't say I looked all that hard).

    I'd at least like someone to acknowledge the issue, I'll likely be submitting a report to the help center later today but it still feels like this is not a niche issue and affects all who use the paid product in those maps. It'd be akin to buying a premium surprise style box and it simply not spitting out the item, just because this item is less used does not make the issue any less pressing -- especially because often this item is set to be auto used by pets and quite literally leads to real in game loss of hours of xp gain because we reasonably assume the item works when it does not, then die and have to grind it out again.