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Starting on Reboot NA or EU?

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Hi! I'm relatively new in the game, and I created my first characters in Luna, the non-Reboot european server, but I now have planned to re-start again in the Reboot server. However, I have read that the EU Reboot server is kinda unpopulated, as NA Reboot is really populated. I don't really have had any contact with other players, since I didn't reach the content, I mean, bosses or so, that requires a team, so I don't really know how important it is. I feel like the game is kind of solo at all.

Well, I really don't know about the actual population since the information I read is around 2017-2018, and I though I kould ask here. I can't decide if I should start in EU or NA Reboot. I first tried EU, since I'm from Spain and that's the one I should play for ping, but I tried NA and I don't feel like the lag is a problem, maybe looting and moving between maps is kind of annoying, but maybe it's worth it, i don't know. However, I really like Dawn Warrior, and I'm afraid the ping is gonna affect her mechanics with Equinox, so EU should be better.

I would like to hear some experiencies in order to take my final decission. Having tried NA, it feels much more alive than EU, where I have just seen only one MVP announcement and no one showed at the place the player told, and it made me wonder if I should move to NA, since it was kind of sad. I neither saw any other activity in the chat, while in NA is really fluent.

So, thank you for reading, and I hope to read some experiences that could help me decide! :)