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Closing guild window closes ALL windows

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edited June 2020 in Bug Reporting
Bug Type: UI
World: Scania
IGN: Thundertala
Level/Job: 255 Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning)
Date/Time of Occurrence: Several times since the Rise update

Brief Bug Summary: Opening the Guild UI and then closing it will also close ALL other UI windows on the screen.

Steps to reproduce: Open any UI window on the screen (party, buddy list, event window, items, etc), and then while those windows are open, bring up the Guild UI. Close the Guild UI, and ALL other open windows will close.

This happened when I pressed the ESC button to close the guild window (I always do this out of habit to close the windows, I never hit the "X").

This bug became largely apparent to me while I was inside an Omok mini-game room. While inside, I opened up the guild window, and then pressed ESC to close it. The Omok mini-game room ALSO closed, and I was softlocked. I needed to relog to fix it.