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is everyone ready to make Adele tonight...8pm EST it will be here


  • EddieFoxFoxEddieFoxFox
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    Pretty much. Probably gonna nap for like 2hours prior so I can stay up longer. -shrug-
  • JettLuvsUJettLuvsU
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    I'm just hyped to see a bunch of people in a class starting area!!!
    I wonder if there will be free MVP in Ristonia maps 3_3
  • DaxterbeerDaxterbeer
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    I need 1 more ring, an earring and a pair of gloves. I also need a name
  • Wesleyx3Wesleyx3
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    I'd make one if i wasn't currently leveling my main! Well, i made one but i don't plan to level it up until later on. The link skill isn't that great for me at this point. Have fun everyone!! :3