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Unstable Server

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edited July 2020 in Tech Support
Good morning, lately the servers are lousy, First to connect it is a suffering if you are lucky you connect to the first attempt but after 2 or 3 or you have to close all the processes including the Launcher to try again, Second on any channel they are or not full from one moment to the next it freezes and throws you, there is no determined time, hopefully you have good weather, the worst thing is that this involves losing certain buffs or potions, it is one thing to lose them by dying, by one's mistakes, but The instability of the server is already frustrating and it is not a problem of the PC or the Internet connection, because as in my case many of us exceed the recommended requirements that it demands, I hope they can solve these problems at some point, thanks and regards.

P.D.: (20/07/2020) Today I have disconnected 5 times and buff, items in use bye, the server is not even full enough to take into account that it may be due to congestion, the truth is I am seriously considering leaving this.

Server: Bera
Char: ElExorcista
Lv: 240


  • JeepJitJeepJit
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    Same issues here, the server lag makes game unplayable, I cannot event finish my daily request. Please update the server!

  • SharaAmazonSharaAmazon
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    I'm lucky to make it to character selection most days...

    Server: Scania