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5th Jobs: Ilium

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I am beYOND disgusting at how iliums are treated at this point. first we have minuscule attacks as a "high flora" class, then the rapid tap of skills *which makes a normal person's hand lock up. and do NOT mention blaster/aran class because i literally dont care* rather than having actual skills similar to OTHER gauge classes such as xenon; Like in whose right MIND made our skills to fill up our gauge a 100% boost rate rather than simply filling it up instantly???- then! not to mention iliums are basically a poor man's luminous with again the rapid clicking for its primary attacks- with the only difference is the random burst of dmg. Then back to 5th job... a teleporter, a TELEPORTER and its worst than a mechanic's. With the only thing making it god awful is the 30% dmg boost- as the other classes get skills with MORE bg changing skills we get a teleporter, and thats not even consider the tele cant even TELEPORT TEAMMATES! IT SHOULD BE A 2ND JOB SKILL. Rather than giving a easier mobbing skill/bossing skill they giving something so we can better our positions when farming/bossing which was never a problem with its high mobility. Like I get the company likes adele and ark but dont give ilium the low end of the stick its disrespectful at this point. and from an artistic standpoint its lazy design, and shows that the company isnt allowing their artist to have more freedom with skill design.