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Seeking (easy) Magnus (simulator) guide

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Another character, Hoyoung this time, and I can't beat the easy Magnus simulator.

I could go into details on my stats, but what about a general solution, to help others? I have searched, but can't find a guide, explaining the mechanics. What is the significance of those two blue bars? Can I attack him while he is in the air? If I can't use potions, how can I recover HP/MP? And why is my HP falling when nothings is attacking me? Etc, etc, etc.

Is there an exhaustive guide of the mechanics anywhere, good for all classes/jobs?


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Blue bars is a safety zone, basically. When you're outside of it, you take constant damage over time. I don't know why they elected to add this change, but there it is. You can attack him in the air, if you can reach him. Otherwise just stand directly beneath him so you don't get purple-koolaid'd to death. You can use potions, they're just on a five or ten second cooldown; y'know, for challenge or whatever.

    The only real guide for easy magnus is beat the ass out of him until he dies. It's normal and up where you get the fun stuff.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    The blue aura surrounding Magnus is a safe zone. Outside of the safe zone, your HP slowly decreases, your damage is decreased, and your healing abilities are reduced. You are not protected from meteors or Magnus' attacks within the blue zone. The safe zone shrinks over the course of the battle, with the message at the top of the screen reading "Magnus can no longer suppress Guwaru. Guwaru's power grows..."

    You can hit Magnus when he is casting his aerial attacks, although the hitbox is moved and he has a few invincibility frames during the animations, so not all attacks can land.
  • MawgMawg
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    Thanks, guys. I think that my major problem was not realizing the significance of the blue bars and deliberately going put of them to let skill cooldowns pass and expecting HP/MP recovery - not the reverse.

    I also cranked my pet up from giving potions at 30% to 90%, and went to Japan and bought +10 ATT potions.

    Even so, I only managed it with 1 life remaining, which is surprising as this is one of those nerfed burning characters, with free 15 star CRA equips, plus I went to alien visitor and got 3 equips which give +50 ATT, and cubed them for 31% LUK.

    I cannot understand why I always have trouble with this particular quest, and imagine it to be a nightmare for ranged jobs. Any comments?

    Thanks again for the help. If I, or anyone else who reads this can add anything new, let's do so, because I can't find a guide/explanation anywhere.
  • RexaarRexaar
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    Having pet heal at 90% is dangerous in most bosses with potion cool down as because every hit will activate the potion cool down and you will find yourself dying because you can't heal when you need it. 50-60% is more reasonable when fighting with a potion cool down.
    Although having auto potion in the higher difficulty of magnus is not optimal due to potion only healing 10% outside the blue barrier. (In easy mode, potion only heal 50% outside the blue barrier if you are not zombified).

    Staying out of range of Magnus spin attack is your first priority.
    Dodge any attack that take Magnus 4 seconds to charge up, they hurt alot (straight up kills you at normal/hard)
    Dodge the meteor if it is humanly possible.
    Magnus (and most bosses) is at their most dangerous when they are walking toward you because they can attack anytime and you can't dodge if you are in an attack animation. It is safest to attack the boss during their attack animation.
    Standing in range of Magnus spin attack with a meteor behind you is suicide.
    Pay attention to Magnus web debuff, it does no damage but it web debuff slow you and prevent you from using any mobility skill.
    Anima Hero's Will will cure zombify and web, but knowing when to use is a difference of 1-2 life on average.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Stay under him when he has the swirling purple things, they'll rotate around him 3 times and then fire, you're safe until that third rotation then you either you need to pick if you're going to stay under him, or run outside of the barrier (and take damage) or maybe even i-frame it.

    When he charges the sword for the downward strike the sword will stop glowing and his eyes will flash before he stabs, you're safe under him until that point, so if you have to stay under him for a second to dodge a meteor, that's fine.

    The edge of the blue zone is safe from his spinning attack for the easy fight, so just hug the outside wall unless he forces you to move.

    The green swords that he summons aren't much of a problem on their own, but be careful about getting trapped by RNG, knowing when his other skills fire might help you avoid these.

    Do not jump when he does his dash or spin attack as you might fly across the map and into several meteors or worse.

    The damage from the zone isn't that bad (on easy) so feel free to exit the blue area to avoid an attack, but don't try healing outside of it because it's reduced out there.

    Most of this doesn't matter for easy magnus though because as long as you starforced/enhanced some gear up to basic levels you should just kill him in 2 minutes anyway.
    Here's a video of me just playing around with him dodging a few attacks while trying to remember how this class works.