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Consolidate Boost Nodes for High # Node Classes

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edited July 2020 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
I am a Phantom main and it has a total of 14 skills available in boost nodes, which makes it insanely hard to obtain a perfect trio. Now I understand that this is the case for a lot of classes, however, let me reveal why it is so much worse for Phantom than other classes with 14+ skill nodes. Phantom can't boss and mob at the same time. This is just a fact of the class that our bossing set up is entirely different from our mobbing set up, which includes switching out stolen skills and being creative with stolen skills to train. That being said, it is imperative for Phantoms to actually obtain the six necessary boosting skills in their respective nodes for bossing/training. These nodes are Carte Blanc/Mille Aiguilles/Tempest and Impeccable Memory 4/3/2 separately.

With 14 boost nodes however, this becomes extremely difficult for Phantom to obtain. I personally have opened an amount closing in on 1000 nodestones with only 2 of the 4 perfect trios I need (granted this is very lucky compared to most people and other classes). However, here are the numbers that will help show how terrible the chances actually are. If you need your last perfect trio, for CRAFTING a node, you have a 1.28% chance to obtain your perfect trio with 14 total skills. For opening nodestones, out of all your boost nodes obtained (not all the nodestones opened), you have a 0.18% chance to get your last perfect trio.

The chances go up significantly for each boost node removed. With 13 skills, the chances become 1.52% craft and 0.23% nodestone. With 12 skills, the chances become 1.82% craft and 0.30% nodestone. With 11 skills, the chances become 2.22% craft and 0.40% nodestone. And to nail down the point with numbers, with 10 skills, the chances become 2.78% craft and 0.56% nodestone. None of these numbers are particularly good, but are still worlds better than the original 14-skill chances (1.28% craft and 0.18% nodestone). You can use the formula 0.995 = 1 - (1 - p)^n to find how many times you will need to craft or open a boost node (n) with the chances given above (p) to have a 99.5% chance to obtain your boost node.

With all the math out of the way, I would like to suggest consolidations of Phantom boost nodes from 14 skills total down to 10 or so to make it is easier to obtain the desired boost nodes. First, combine Carte Mille with Calling Card. Nobody uses these two skills, they are both 2nd job, and they have similar style. Second, combine Double Entendre with Blason. Double Entendre and Blason are both "cane" skills that stack our Phantom's Mark V skill and nobody uses Double Entendre, it is essentially useless. Third, combine Penombre with Rapier Wit. Again, Penombre and Rapier Wit are similar in design and style, but nobody uses Rapier Wit (will change after the new class rebalancing soon where both will have delay decreased). Finally, combine Impeccable Memory I with Impeccable Memory II. Nobody uses an attack in Impeccable Memory I, the boost node existing is a joke in and of itself.

If your class has a lot of boost nodes and you have experience with the class, please suggest boost node consolidations below! They have done this with many many classes like Mercedes already, but they have missed many classes too.